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Irene Borecky Osteopathy

Osteopathic Manual Practice

Athletic Therapy

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About Me

I first entered the field of rehabilitation intending to work mostly with athletes as a newly certified Athletic Therapist and coming from an athletic background myself. In the clinical environment though I was finding myself treating all kinds of clients from workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, post-surgery and special populations. Eventually I was primarily seeing clients with chronic and complex conditions. I realized the traditional orthopedic assessments and treatment techniques in my skill-set were only helping to a point.


I began studying Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and Somatics to closely analyze movement patterns and help clients re-learn fundamental movements for the prevention and recovery from injuries. In 2013 I began my journey in Osteopathy at the Canadian School of Osteopathy, Manual Practice in Vancouver to enhance my skills in analyzing and understanding the human body. In April 2020 I successfully defended my thesis "The Effect of Osteopathy on Individuals with Breathing Pattern Disorders" to obtain my Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Practice (DOMP).

Osteopathy uses a gentle and fine touch to manipulate bones, soft tissue, viscera and organs, and the cranium to encourage self-regulation within the body. Osteopathy address all the systems within the body to help restore function, improve pain, and rebalance the body.


I treat all complex conditions in the body which may include digestive troubles, circulation, respiratory issues, headaches, migraines, concussions, TMJ issues, balancing the nervous system, musculoskeletal conditions, etc. I typically use manual therapy and if appropriate, I assign functional exercises.


I am also offering Pediatric Sessions. Babies can develop different issues from the birthing process which may result in sleep disorders, digestive issues,etc. It's very beneficial to treat babies as soon as possible and as they develop.

Clinic Locations

Shoulder Treatment
Leg Injury

Colwood Location:

Structure Health

#102-627 Brookside Rd.

Colwood, BC

W: (778) 265-9765

C: (250) 686-3994

Online Booking Available

Please ask about rates

Duncan Location:

Duncan Wellness Centre

301 Brae St.

Duncan, BC

C: (250) 686-3994

Online booking not available at this location

Please ask about rates

Insurance and Services



Please check your extended health care insurance policy prior to booking an appointment. Individual plans may vary with their coverage of osteopathic manual practice. Consistent coverage is found with the following insurance companies:


Sun Life

Great West Life

Empire Life



Pacific Blue Cross


Industrial Alliance






An Osteopathic Practitioner is a health professional with four or more years of training in manual osteopathy who uses hands-on techniques to solve problems and restore health. An Osteopathic Practitioner is NOT an Osteopathic Physician. The title Osteopath is reserved only for Osteopathic Physicians who are members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in BC.


Osteopathic Practitioners treat people of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Osteopathy can be used to treat a specific issue, or as a preventative health measure. Many people use osteopathy to maintain good health. Many health problems can be addressed:


* neck/back pain and tension

* headaches and migraines

* sleep or energy issues

* musculoskeletal injuries

* concussion

* injuries from car accidents or other trauma

* repetitive strain injuries

* joint or muscle pain

* digestive, respiratory or menstrual problems

* pre and post-natal support

* jaw (TMJ) dysfunction


Initially a case history is taken, a physical assessment is conducted and goals are established. Osteopathic Practitioners use a multi-system, integrated assessment to understand how physical, mental, and emotional strains are impacting health. A series of gentle techniques are then used to restore mobility, circulation, and adaptability:


* realignment of joints

* visceral (organ) mobilization

* myofascial and soft tissue release

* craniosacral therapy

* muscle energy


The number and frequency of sessions needed depend on initial assessment findings, the issue being treated and response to treatment. Exercises or other activities may also be recommended.


Irene Borecky is a member of Osteopathy BC, a professional organization of Osteopathic Practitioners whose aim is to promote high standards of manual osteopathic care in British Columbia, as well as to raise awareness of osteopathy. Osteopathy BC is a member of both the Canadian Federation of Osteopathy (CFO) and the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).

To learn more about osteopathy please view the following link:





Certified Athletic Therapists of Canada (CAT C) treat musculoskeletal injuries very effectively and rehabilitate injuries using a model that focuses on the client taking active participation in their healing.


Athletic Therapy is overseen by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) and a provincial chapter. The CATA's certification process is stringent. In addition to completing a Bachelor's degree, Athletic Therapists must complete the Athletic Therapy program at one of seven accredited education institutions in Canada. After program completion candidates must pass written and practical portions of CATA's national certification exam.


Irene has had over 20 years of experience as an Athletic Therapist working in private clinics and working with team sports to provide clinical rehabilitation and on-field taping, emergency care, and on-field injury management.

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